Our Therapists

Discover why the massage therapists at Melbourne Street Massage are the best massage therapists in Adelaide.

Sachiko Goto

Sachiko (Sachi) has completed diplomas in Remedial and Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies. She is, therefore, able to integrate both western and eastern theories into her treatments. Sachi’s passion is in supporting each individual’s life journey by facilitating the body to achieve its best balance through hands on therapy.

Sachi is a lover of food and enjoys surprising us all at Melbourne Street Massage with her latest menu. She also enjoys yoga and bush walking.

Appointments with Sachi are available:

Marie Allwood

Marie specialises in: 

  • Remedial Massage
  • Therapeutic and sports massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Children’s massage


Marie enjoys many types of sporting activities that include running, yoga, cycling, weight training and being a spectator at her son’s cycling and running events. She understands the need to keep the body and muscles working at their optimum during intense workouts and also the need for recovery to continue sport at high levels, and everyday activities.

Marie focuses on releasing tension in the fascia and connective tissue throughout the body. She also uses stretching as a part of relieving stress on the body which helps focus on the Mind Body awareness helping you to reconnect with your body.

Currently Marie is not available as she is on long service leave